City Bridge Trust - London, United Kingdom - 14 Survey Respondents
Corra Foundation - Edinburgh, - 29 Survey Respondents
"Application and phone interview process was straightforward and supportive."
Devon Community Foundation - , Devon - 13 Survey Respondents
"The team at DCF are really friendly and approachable."
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation - London, - 11 Survey Respondents
"My advice is to read the grant criteria in detail and to make sure you fit the criteria. Keep to advised word counts and answer the questions."
Jerwood Arts - London, - 2 Survey Respondents
"Your odds are not good."
Joffe Charitable Trust - , - 71 Survey Respondents
"I think with Joffe there is a significant (and welcome) focus on collaboration and networks. They - like us - realise that you usually can't bring"
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust - York, - 4 Survey Respondents
"Call the foundation before applying to discuss your project. I read the guidelines, reviewed previous grantees, and all available information but as"
Milton Keynes Community Foundation - Central Milton Keynes, - 1 Survey Respondents
"Always approachable and fair. MK Community Foundation are at the heart of MK community with good advice. Online applications are quite straight forw"
Paul Hamlyn Foundation - , London - 14 Survey Respondents
"There are a lot of funds -however, a lot of time should be spent to estimate which fund to apply."
The Bishop Radford Trust - , - 1 Survey Respondents
"The Bishop Radford Trust have such a helpful website, which gives a clear overview of the Trust, particular interests and very clear guidelines. A key"
The Community Foundation For Northern Ireland - Belfast, - 7 Survey Respondents
"Make contact with the funder as the funder has claimed correspondence was sent but it was never received!"
The Indigo Trust - London , - 3 Survey Respondents
"Learning from them about their strategic ambition is the best starting point. They're very clear about that and seek projects that help achieve it"
The Lloyds Bank Foundation - London, - 3 Survey Respondents
"Lloyds are a very positive funder to work with. They are accessible and do not ask for lots of unnecessary monitoring and reporting. I can contact the"
The National Lottery Community Fund - Digital Fund - London, - 14 Survey Respondents
"My guess is that they're looking for projects that affect a narrow group of people in a deep way, not a broad group of people in a shallow way. Ta"
The Tudor Trust - London, - 2 Survey Respondents
"Grant administrator"
Two Ridings Community Foundation - York, - 4 Survey Respondents
"Absolutely crucial to talk to the key people at the 2 Ridings Foundation, and, ideally, to attend one of the invaluable funding seminars. Check eligib"
Rating Pending
Joseph Levy Foundation - London, - 0 Survey Respondents