Funder Registration

GrantAdvisor UK is currently running a pilot to see how we can create a dynamic conversation about grantmaking, with active participation from funders, charities, social enterprises and community members. If you have any questions, please do email us at

We encourage funders to register with GrantAdvisor UK in order to receive automatic notices when reviews are posted about their organisation and to be able to post responses when new reviews are submitted.

To respond to reviews, each funder can designate a Key Contact to register their foundation or giving program with GrantAdvisor UK using an email address that identifies the person as a foundation representative.

A funder profile needs at least 5 reviews before it becomes public. As these initial 5 reviews are received, GrantAdvisor UK will email the unpublished results to that funder's Key Contact, providing the opportunity for the funder to write a response. After the first 5 reviews are posted online, subsequent reviews will be posted when received, and the Key Contact can post responses to these comments at any time.

Responses posted by the Key Contact will be attributed to the name of the organization (such as “Response from Example Foundation”) and not to the Key Contact's personal email or title. Only posts submitted by the Key Contact or alternative contact will be posted under the funder's name.”

Information about your funding organization

Key Contact information

The Key Contact for a funder is the person designated to have official correspondence on GrantAdvisor UK, monitoring the funder's profile and responding to reviews. The Key Contact is not necessarily the Executive Director or CEO, but could also be a program officer, director of communications, executive assistant, etc.

Alternative Contact Information

Funders are encouraged to identify an alternative contact to ensure they receive timely notice of comments posted about them (for cases when the Key Contact is unavailable). This person will also receive all emails and notifications and will be able to post responses and comments.

Please check the box to indicate your consent.